Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sexy Tattoo Quotes For People in Love

Tattoo quotes are becoming quite fashionable these days because they are so personal. Especially sexy tattoo quotes for lovers can help to take the relationship to a higher and more permanent level. Here are some of the most popular sexy tattoo quotes for people in love.

When you are in love getting a special tattoo can be very personal and endearing. In the past many people chose to get pictures or drawings that were a symbol of their love for each other.

Today that is changing. More and more people in love are getting quote tattoos that more uniquely reflect their feelings for each other and about the love that they share. They are finding that the right words can be even more powerful than a picture. The perfect tattoo saying that speaks about the love one person has for another can be very special and hold significant meaning for the relationship.

If you are thinking about sexy tattoo quotes, there are many to choose from. The following should help get your creative juices flowing. They are short, sexy and extremely meaningful.

"Love is the Poetry of the Senses"

When one is in love, at one time or another, all the senses are affected and alive with pleasure and enjoyment. These tattoo words seem to reflect that best.

"Love Puts the Fun in Together, the Sad in Apart and the Joy in a Heart"

When you are in love the time you spend together is what you want and desire the most. Love should be and is fun and fills a heart with happiness and joy. But when you are apart that's when there is a void and the heart feels sadness.

"Love is the Master Key that Opens the Gates of Happiness"

Everyone wants to be happy. We are meant to be happy. And the best way to find happiness and be truly happy is through love.

"Love is, Above All, the Gift of Oneself"

When two people are truly in love there is no more honest a gift they can give to each other than by giving themselves. This goes beyond just intimacy and also means giving in thoughtful caring and selfless action.

"Love is Two Souls with a Single Thought, Two Hearts That Beat as One"

Love is really the unity of two people coming together. When you are in love you share so much together that you become s single voice, stronger that you were as one.


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