Thursday, November 18, 2010

Axl Rose Tattoos

We know Axl has the Black Rose tattoo off the Thin Lizzy album cover, but does any one have any articles where axl mentions Thin Lizzy? If some one has some information on that it would be truly appreciated.
Since 1994 to 2001 Axl has three news tattoos,one on each leg and the third one on his left wrist.
The one on his wrist is a skull chain but I'm not sure about the ones on his legs cause i haven´t seen a clear picture of them, so actually i don´t know the meaning of those tattoos.
Maybe because of the years the cross tattoo  has lost the color, but i`m not really sure cause in the most of Axl`s new pictures  his arms are cover.
I hope this help s you,if you have more questions just ask me again.
You can check these pages there are the most of Axl`s tattoos.


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