Monday, December 6, 2010

Flea's Old Celtic Tattoo

Flea, like Anthony, is a veritable walking gallery of tattoo designs. On his left arm he bears a striking picture of Jimi Hendrix and the name of his daughter, next to a string of coloured elephants that encircle his bicep. Inside his left arm is an abstract design, while on each of his knuckles he has the word ‘love’. On his chest Flea has an old Celtic design, symbolising birth, death and eternity, while opposite – like a little logo- he carries the name of his ex-wife Loesha. Birds decorate the inside of Flea’s right arm, but more visible is a famous concoction in which a snake was added to a pair of dolphins and a celtic dragon. On his back Flea has another tribal design stretching from shoulder blade to shoulder blade.


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