Monday, December 13, 2010

John Mayer

Oh John Mayer, what to do with you?  One of the most notorious playboys in Hollywood, John Mayer makes our #1 spot for being the epitome of a sexy, brooding, sad-song-writing, uber hot, scandal ridden, tattooed musician.  From clean cut one day to fully sleeved the next, John Mayer quite literally wears his heart on his sleeve.  In his most recent release, Battle Studies, John pours his feelings on to the table with romantic ballads and sweet collabs with the pure at heart Taylor Swift, making him a vulnerable love target you just want to make feel better.  In his most recent real life, John pours out words about ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson, making him the hottest dbag in music you just want to shut up.  A fair mix, I’d say.


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