Monday, January 10, 2011

The Meaning Of Dragon Tattoos

Especially the long and flexible dragon, who descends from japanese tattoo traditions, is one of the most popular tattoo motives. Due to his shape he practically fits on every part of the body. Covering full backs, winding himself around arms or coiling up on the chest of the carrier.

In the western culture the dragon, according to the snake, symbolizes evil and has to be fought therefore. Different the japanese dragon which is called Oni and stands as a symbol of luck. The japanese dragon has its roots in the chinese mythology. He was said to live in the skies and had the ability to bring out the rain which was of big importance for the rice cultivation.

The dragon reached japan as a live spending water symbol due to the close cultural connection between china and japan where he is highly honored and admired. It is important to keep him happy because after all he could easily cause a seaquake if begrudgingly. One of the most famous and most tattooed dragon legends, aside the display of the buddhistic gods of wind and thunder (Fu-jin and Rai-jin) who are riding the dragons, is the Tamatori Hime.


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